Zootropolis is a computer-animated cop crime comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios which tells the story of an unlikely partnership between a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist as they uncover a conspiracy involving the disappearance of predator civilians.

In Zootropolis all kind of animals live side by side but they are all defined by their backgrounds and breeds. Just as rabbits are considered harmless, elephants are expected to have long memories and sloths are deemed to be slow in the extreme.

Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) a rabbit from rural Bunnyburrow breaks free from this stereotype by becoming the first rabbit police officer in Zootropolis. Police Chief Bogo (Idris Elba), an African buffalo, is not happy having a rabbit on the team and assigns Judy to parking duty. Whilst out performing these duties on her first day she meets con artist Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman).

When a female otter, Mrs Otterton (Octavia Spencer), enters Police Chief Bogo’s office pleading for someone to find her missing husband, Judy jumps at the chance of carrying out real police work. With Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellweather (Jenny Slate) giving her approval of the assignment Chief Bogo is forced into giving the case to Judy but on the proviso she solves it in two days otherwise she must resign from the force.

When Judy discovers that Nick was the last person to see Mr Otterton she blackmails him into helping her by recording his confession to tax evasion.

Once they begin their investigations they are soon drawn into the darker side of the city, encountering many dangerous situations, as they discover that someone has hatched a scheme to rid the city of predators by using toxic flowers (night howlers) which unleash aggression in mammals.

Zootropolis is a very funny and well written story, with Judy and Nick making a great double act thanks to superb vocal work from both Goodwin and Bateman.

Two of the funniest scenes in the film are when Judy and Nick meet tiny mobster boss Mr Big and Flash the “fastest” sloth who works in the Department of Mammal Vehicles.

The animation is first rate with the studios developing software which gave designers precise control over the brushing, shaping and shading of fur making it possible to create a variety of character styles for each animal.

Whilst the film tackles themes of cultural sensitivity and political correctness it manages to do so with real wit ensuring the film remains entertaining and engaging for all ages.


Zootropolis is available to buy on both Blu-ray and DVD

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