Fortunately, The Milk


Neil Gaiman is known for his clever writing and humour, winning awards for both his adult and children’s books.

Fortunately, The Milk is no exception, inventive and funny with wonderful illustrations from Chris Riddell which help bring the story to life for the reader.

With Mum away on business, Dad is left strict instructions to buy more milk which of course he forgets to do and the kids are left without enough for their breakfast.

What should be a simple task of popping to the local shop to buy a pint turns into an adventure as when Dad returns from his trip much later he explains that once he bought the milk he was delayed due to having to deal with aliens, a dinosaur professor in a hot air balloon, a one-eyed volcano god demanding human sacrifice, intergalactic Police and Pirates!

During all of this Dad was fortunately able to hold onto the milk!

For those that look closely at the illustrations they will be able to spot many toys, books and pictures from around the house that have become part of Dad’s explanation for being so late.

This is a very funny and engaging story which though marketed for children (7+) will also be enjoyed in equal measure by Gaiman’s adult fans who will no doubt recognise that Chris Riddell has drawn the Dad as a young version of Neil.

Fortunately, The Milk is available from all good bookshops


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